Tim Royall’s passion is nature.

‘...The true object of study is nature.  He who takes his style from this master will attain true originality.’
- Horace LeCoq de Boisbaudrin

His work is concerned with natural forms, derived from the land and the oceans, from plants and animals, from micro to macro.  The endless variety and diversity provide a rich source to draw upon.  

He often concerns himself with expressing the diminutive details of nature.  Those details which we don't see or we take for granted.  Many things are too fragile, to elusive, too transient or too small to physically hold and to get a sense of how they feel.  He expresses his own interpretations of that experience, whilst at the same time celebrating the patterns, the geometry, the rhythms and the underlying structures of nature’s forms.  He gives his works a vital tension, whilst also trying to imbue them with the sense of peace and contemplation he gets from being in the natural environment.

The origins of the material, and the forces which it is subjected to, those which form it, alter it and liberate it are also important sources of inspiration.  His forms are organic, fluid, dynamic; yet he seeks to represent order, balance and harmony.

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